Saturday, March 12, 2016

Let's Enjoy

My theme for 2016 is Happiness, which you probably know by now if you follow me on twitter (@BerylEmber). 

For the past few months, I have realized that in every day , there is something that can make you happy. Even small things like the food you eat or the things you see around you, they can be a reason for you to smile. There are days that I'd think "I'm having a crappy day. It's impossible to post anything today." But with that said, I haven't skipped a day of posting. Because of doing this, I've learned that there is never a day that passes without feeling a sense of happiness. The little things do matter. Sometimes, those are the things that give us hope. 
I recommend trying this out. Capture  photos of things, people or activities that brought you happiness or even just write them down on a notebook (I did this for Dec 2015). You don't have to share this to anyone. This will just serve as a reminder for you of how blessed you are.

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Let's Enjoy the Little Things <3

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