Saturday, September 17, 2016

First Week of College!

I apologize for the lack of blog posts and youtube videos. I am now a first year student in college since last Tuesday. Because it is back to school for me, it is going to hard to post a lot more often, and when I do, it won't be the best quality like for today's post.
We don't have uniforms anymore in the school where I go to (yay!), so I do want to share with you my outfits. I might try to do OOTW posts from now on, but let's see. Hehe :)
Top: Michaela
Pants: River Island
Slip ons: Feet Things

For Wednesday, we had PE, we are required to bring a white shirt and joggers. 
Because I was too lazy to bring my PE clothes, I just decided to wear it to school hehe.
Shirt: SM Dept.
Joggers: Forever 21
Shoes: Nike

I was not able to take a photo for Thursday outfit because I forgot :( 
I'll try to do better next week! 

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