Tuesday, August 16, 2016

18 Facts About The Birthday Girl

I keep saying this, but I'm going to say it again. August is my birthday month! Hehe. That means I will try to post as often as I can this month (hopefully everyday), and most of it will be related to my birthday since I will be turning 18 this month. If you didn't know already, in Filipino culture, a girl turning the age of 18 is very special.

I will be sharing 18 more facts about me! :)

  1. My birthday is on August 25.
  2. I really want a vlogging camera for my birthday! It's on the top of my wishlist.
  3. I actually did not enjoy making youtube videos at first, but now I really want to post everyday because it is so much fun.
  4. My debut will be held at a garden, so I hope it does not rain. 
  5. I am a total neat freak! I have to clean everything everyday.
  6. I love writing. I hope to write a book someday.
  7. I have never been to a different country. I hope I get to travel this year.
  8. I am an incoming freshman in college.
  9. I will be taking up BS Psychology.
  10. I love change.
  11. I want my room theme color to be black, white, pastels and metallics.
  12. I also want to buy a suitcase for my birthday because I'm really hoping I'll be travelling a lot when I am 18.
  13. I am excited to live on my own because I know that it'll be spotless if no one else is with me. LOL
  14. But I am scared at the same time because ghosts... Idk I'm a coward HAHA
  15. I've have been watching more Filipina Youtubers recently.
  16. I love Janina Vela, ThatsBella and saytiocoartillero.
  17. I am really excited for college! I really want to make new friends.
  18. I am looking forward to back to school shopping! I'll post a haul for sure.

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