Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sign Up for StyleGenie!

Having trouble finding the perfect outfit for you? Sign up for StyleGenie! 
Visit their site and use my 10% discount code: BERYL4SG
If you're confused on how it works, let me explain!

1) First step is to sign up, like any other site. Just enter your name, email and stuff like that.
2) Next step is to answer the style quiz which is really cool! You have to this out, so that the stylist will know what kind of clothes they'll choose for you. Some questions are like 
"what color/s do you not like wearing" or "are there body areas you want to conceal".
They also ask your skin tone, sizes, occasion you want to be styled for, etc.
3) Third is to choose a box! 

4) Lastly, Dress up! You'll receive your box and repeat the whole process! hahaha

I hope you check out StyleGenie and again, use my code for a 10% discount

StyleGenie: stylegenie.ph/?afmc=beryl4sg

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