Monday, January 4, 2016

The Body Shop Strawberry Set

This is another set that I got from the bae :P
Benefit and The Body Shop products were in my wishlist, so thank you!! <3
Now for the review..
To be honest, the fragrance was my least favorite. 
The scent was too over-powering that it gave me a headache.

I loved the hand cream. It sinks into the skin immediately 
and it doesn't leave your hands feeling sticky.

Same goes with the body butter. Personally, I dislike using lotions,
 but using this does not bother me at all. I love this because it does 
keep your skin moisturized.

To be honest, I still haven't used the shower gel just 
because I want to save it. It does smell good though and I 
am excited to use it.

The lip butter is my most used product of all these. 
It doesn't make my lips dry and chapped. 

I would recommend purchasing the lip butter, body butter and hand cream. They do really keep your skin/lips soft and moisturized. They also smell of candy strawberry which is a plus. 

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