Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What College Has Taught Me So Far

Being a college student for about 8 months now, taught me a lot of things and I know that I'll be learning more in the future.
1. Commute. After 18 years, I finally know how to ride a jeep by myself. I've learned how to commute from DLSU to my house, but I have yet to learn to commute the other way around HAHA! It's just really something I'm proud of because it makes me feel so independent when I commute alone.
2. Sometimes it's better to bring your own lunch. As a college student, you have to spend on a lot of things especially food. There'd be times that I'd have more than a 2 hour break and sometimes I'd get hungry, but won't have enough money. It helps to bring my own lunch and spend my money on some snacks when needed. I also get to save the money I don't get to use for weekends I go out with friends or my boyfriend.
3. It's good to have friends. They get to help you out when you're having trouble with a particular lesson. It also helps to have a friend because sometimes there'd be pair works or group works and it would just be easier and of course, the class won't be as boring if you had a friend with you. You'd also have someone to hangout with you during long breaks.
4. It's totally okay to be alone. Sometimes I actually prefer to just be alone. I'd stay somewhere by myself like the library or Starbucks, and I'd study alone or just chill. There's no distractions and I just see myself focused more on my studies when no one's around.

and there are a lot more!

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